April 17, 2021


Welcome to Tooloaded NG….. All your activities here earns you money!!!

Free Data Bundles for 1 Year!!!

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First off, I welcome you to Tooloaded NG, the Grand Master of Cheap/affordable yet, quality services renderer.

We have rolled out several promos and packages that kept our Customers and regular Users wondered how we came about those packages and also able to sustain it for a long period of time?

The truth behind these is our Trust in God with Whom all things are possible.

Whatever business you do in life the first thing you must work on is how to stand out from your equals which is another reason why we are able to serve people in various ways and still keeping the lead till now.

Having shed light on our past achievements, permit me to introduce to you another mouth watering package that will always live you to soliloquize on how realistic this could be.


Is it available for all Networks?

Yes! It’s available for all Nigeria Networks and other Networks across the globe. However Other subscribers from other Countries aside Nigeria will have their own bundle converted to fund and would be transferred to their account from which they can now subscribe for data bundles of their choice.

What will Tooloaded NG gain from this?

It’s a Win-Win Package! Nobody is loosing out whatsoever. It’s a yum yum for us and all participants.

What is the Maximum Data Cap I would get through out the Year?

You can get Data bundle as much as you wish. There is no particular Limit to data cap you could get.

How does it work?

It’s very Simple.

The logic behind this is by relieving you of your recurrent expenses on Data Bundles and VTU. By this; assuming you expend ₦1,000 monthly on Data Bundles/VTU, which translates to ₦12,000 Yearly. Tooloaded NG has deem it fit to save your ₦12,000 which you can use to cater for something else.

Explicitly, Tooloaded NG has designed a system that will make part of your supposed ₦12,000 work on your behalf and give you your required data of ₦1,000 monthly without affecting your main part of ₦12,000 .

The part we demand from you is just ₦10,000 .

Mathematically, Your ₦10,000 = Free ₦12,000 + Your Initial ₦10,000 = Free 1 Year Data

The procedure is the same for lower and higher Data plans depending on the monthly Data plan you wish to subscribe to.

Note: Minimum Subscription is ₦1,000 which will give you monthly data bundle of ₦100 for any Network.

You can request for your Initial Deposit at the end of every Quarter in a year.

Additional Benefit: You will get 10% off the normal prices of normal Data Bundles while our Special data plans of Glo and Airtel remain the same.

How can I get started?

To get started, Register here.

Is it a Referral programme and what will be my benefit in that regards?

Yes, the referral systems gives you instant bonus and monthly bonus. You will get 8% on every deposit and 1.5% monthly until Subscriber withdraws Deposit. Sign Up Here as an Affiliate

For more Enquiries: Chat/Call: 08072713147

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