January 18, 2021


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How to make 90K/month with Glo Data Smart Connect.

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Welcome, Congratulation for coming across  this opportunity, grab it well; remember “Opportunity comes but Once”.

When it comes to making quick and long term money this year, you  are on the right path, it’s now left for you to take decision. 

Introducing Glo Smart Connect.

Glo Smart Connect is a new package designed by Tooloaded NG to connect interested Glo Network Users to the internet. 

How it Works

It works exactly like Glo Data Share.

Once you subscribe, you will be connected immediately based on the plan you subscribed to. It comes in two forms:

  1. Glo Special: Comes with data caps. E.G 1.2GB/7days for ₦250, 12GB/30Days for ₦1,900. See more Plans Here.
  2. Glo Smart connect- Unlimited: This is an unlimited package designed for various period. Once you subscribed to any of them, you will be able to browse until the validity period lapse. without data limit. See package Here.

As simple as it is, you can make reasonable income by leveraging on the affiliate marketing of these packages and Earn Up to ₦90k/month. The Referral systems pays you commision immediately or accrued into your wallet where you can withdraw to bank account anytime.The best part of this is that, it’s generational, you only need to work now and get paid forever as long as your referrals keeps subscribing.

How to get Started

  1. Sign Up HERE.
  2. Get your Affiliate Link from your Dashboard and share for direct referrals.
  3. Create a Whatsapp/Telegram group to manage your indirect referrals.
  4. Fund your wallet with at least ₦1k (Optional). You can fund your wallet if you wish for quick delivery of services to your referrals.

Benefits of Funding Wallet Ahead.

-It is better to fund the wallet so that once you send order, there will be no need to wait for payment confirmation before processing the order.

– You’ll get extra bonus on deposits and transactions carried out directly on the web-page.

– You can resell the Packages at your own adjusted prices without stress as it’s the normal price that will be deducted from your wallet.

4. Send your Orders through our web-page using the Buy Data Button. 


Send Direct Order to whatsapp: Whatsapp Us

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