January 18, 2021


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Lesson for all!!! How my Younger brother almost killed me when I returned to Nigeria.

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Please, even if you will not take any lesson from this post, make sure you learn how to trust-less those around you. Not even your relatives. Remember we posted about a woman that hired Assassin to kill her husband of recent and still went later to trace the unknown killer Assassin only to have sex with him. You can read the details HERE.

Also, we posted about the Wife that poured hot water on her husband’s private part. Read details HERE.

Another one is of this middle aged man whose brother attempted to take his life. The story written by the victim is as written below without any alteration.

How My Younger Brother Almost Killed Me When I Returned To Nigeria…
Victor Akala-Nze wrote;

“The Disadvantage of being a Nigerian .
You Rich or Poor you are in Trouble.
Family & Outsiders hate you for living abroad.
This for a lot of people, customers, Friends that always ask why my Face change.

My Face change because i survived Death 3 months ago. 2nd MARCH 2019 till 1st of MAY.
My face change because i undergo 2 MAJOR BRAIN SURGERY NEWLY.

Being a Nigerian living in Abroad makes you a heavy TARGET once you travel back home.
I drag my life out from the hands of death with the help of GOD & Money.

2 Brain surgery, medication, 2 different specialist hospital stay and bills not a cheap cost in Nigeria.
In my own Case my kid junior brother that i have send to ABROAD 3 times with my hard Earn money & he refused to survive. Instead come back to live in my house and eat my food in Nigeria Wearing clothes from my shop, driving my cars. He Decided KILLING ME was his Best Option.

Now you know my story for this year
Pls if you see me on the road or my shops or anywhere Stop asking me why i got scare and bruises on my face & why my face change. Its indeed very hard to tell always to different people.

I am VICTOR AKALANZE and this is the story of the scares in my face.”

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