January 26, 2021


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Unbelievable!!! Wife poured hot water on husband’s private part.

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Live in marriage is trending the path of no return. One would wonder what marriage is becoming of these days. Several issue has always been reported concerning marital violence.

Another dimension of this domestic violence is in the issue of this woman who was reported to have allegedly poured hot water on her husband private part while asleep. She was reported to have claimed that her husband was planning to marry a second wife. This led her into punishing her husband with such treatment in a way to stop him from marring a second wife.

A source said this particular man has up to 10 Children already. However, whatever the case maybe, is it proper and reasonable enough for the wife to have taken such decision?Your own view would be appreciated in the comment box below.

One thing that keep flashing my mind right now is that, we all agree that the man would refrain from his alleged decision to take second wife after this issue, what will be the fate of the wife as the hot water might have damaged the man’s manhood.

Will she now leave the man for another man or she would be able to endure sexual urge for the rest of her life.

Women are so myopic in their thinking and needed to jack up their reasoning faculty when taking some decision in life.

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